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On September 15th, 1991, 12 women came together to found a sorority based on the ideals of strength, charity, and friendship. Our motto "Our Unity is Our Strength" sums up all that Delta Psi Delta is; a strong and proud sisterhood.

Our 12 Founding Mothers are:

Nearly 15 years later, the ideals that our Founding Mothers envisioned for Delta Psi Delta have endured and are stronger than ever! Since our founding we have brought over 100 bright young women into our sorority. Through their collegiate years and beyond our sisters contribute to and benefit from the lifelong bonds our sisterhood offers.

Delta Psi Delta is true friendship, charity, strength of character, striving for excellence and respect for others. Our sisters are a direct relflection of our ideals.

This coming September we will be welcoming our Alpha Beta pledge class into our sisterhood. As we stride confidently into a bright future we take our proud past with us as measure of all that we can beome.

To see a list of all our past pledge classes click here.


At the center of Delta Psi Delta is our dedication to our community. Throughout the year we take part in many fundraising and volunteer events such as our fall food drive, charity pub nights and annual pool tournament that are all fun ways to help out some great causes.

Delta Psi Delta has many new charitable events planned for the coming year to raise awareness for women's issues and involve the whole Greek Community in furthering the plight of women in our community.

Delta Psi Delta supports the Ottawa Food Bank and the Battered Women's Shelter of Ottawa. In the last year alone we raised over $5000.00, and dontated over 120 hours of volunteer time to local charities.

To find out more about our events and charitable causes, please contact Kelly Salmond, our Philanthropy Chairwoman.

Coming to university can be the most exciting (and scary) time of your life. Suddenly you are in a brand new place, experiencing new things, probably not knowing very many people.

Such is the story of nearly every college student, and such is the story of every sister of Delta Psi Delta. We came to our university unsure of what laid ahead, and through our sisterhood have forged bonds that will last a lifetime. Because friendship doesn't end when you graduate; true friendship, real sisterhood lasts forever.

This is what Delta Psi Delta and Greek Life promote, a lasting committment to what really matters... friendship, community, scholarship, and success.

A fellow Greek, Pearl S. Buck once said, "I have been removed from my sorority by a space of time and contients, but I have never outgrown my sorority." And nothing could be more true. No matter what time and experince may bring, your sisters will always be your sisters, and Delta Psi Delta will always be close at heart.


Are you interested in learing more about how you can become a sister of Delta Psi Delta? Click here to find out!

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